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You may have a special occasion coming up and you would like us to design something specifically to your taste. You may wish to order one of the outfits you saw on this website, an outfit which was showcased in a women's magazine. You may even be ordering your first Indian outfit! All of these can be done very simply by talking to us!

To place an order, send us an email describing your requirements in detail. Include your preferences for fabrics and designs, if any. Tell us what accessories or jewelry you are likely to use with the outfit. The more specific you are, the better we will be able to serve you.

Based on your requirements, we will design the appropriate outfits that are in tune with your expectations. You will receive an email with a detailed description of the item(s) requested along with price. (If possible, we will attach digital images).

Also, you could become a member and receive exlusive updates on email regarding our recent designs and fabrics. These could help you make your choice.